unprecedented! Four Points by Sheraton Penghu "Buy and Get Air Tickets" Save 2

Four Points by Sheraton Penghu, the only five-star hotel in Penghu, has launched unprecedented discounts. www.tailon.com.tw.From April 1st to April 30th, stay in a Deluxe Twin Room with Harbour View for two nights at 30,000 yuan for two nights for three days and two nights. A special discount of RMB 15,800 for the trip, and a complimentary gift of RMB 14,616, including value-for-money benefits such as round-trip air tickets for Penghu for two people, buffet breakfast and dinner at Harbour Park, and airport shuttle service. After deducting the content of the benefits, it is equivalent to stay at five stars for only RMB 1,184 The hotel lasts for three days and two nights, starting from an average of 296 yuan per person per night. In addition, a two-night-night 70,000-yuan Hong Kong-style Jibeiyajue suite housing project was launched. From 22,800 yuan for two people, they can stay in a 30-ping Hong Kong-style Jibeiyajue suite with a total price of 22,516 yuan. Reward gift, in addition to two-way Penghu air tickets, harbour Parkway buffet breakfast and dinner, food and beverage coupons, airport round-trip transfers, etc., as well as a market value of 7,900 yuan, the honorable temperature Sun Health SPA aromatherapy courses, discounted equal to 284 yuan can Stay in a five-star hotel's top suite for two nights. During the anti-epidemic period, Four Points by Sheraton Penghu also launched a variety of meals that can improve immunity. From April 1st, the three major restaurants jointly launched the “Gentian Grouper Seafood Season” and launched the “Gentian Group” at Blue Cave Restaurant. "Seaweed Deluxe Seafood Noodles" and "Gentian Grouper Instant Hot Fish Fillet Soup"; Ju Wei Xuan Seafood Chinese Restaurant has customized gentian grouper cuisine, gentian gelatin pot, and "gentian" with Penghu specialties The grouper's banquet with three flavors "(for 4 persons); the IKEA Harbour Park Buffet has more than 10 gentian grouper and dory fish dishes. Phone: 06-926-5048.


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