Kinmen Township goes to Taiwan for referral and accommodation

The Jinmen County Government said today that in order to alleviate the economic pressure of being transferred to the island of Taiwan after the referral of Kinmen folks, it has signed contracts with northern, central and southern business travelers and restaurants, including the Saviour Jiantan Youth Activity Center,,to provide more general market discount Of the house prices, the discount with the largest discount rate is only 30% of the original price. Patients and their family members who are referred after Kinmen often need to stay overnight in Taiwan due to outpatient and examination. The price of a hotel room for one or even two nights is not a small financial burden. 13 hotels in Taiwan have signed contracts. Based on serving folks and bringing in customers, the two sides provide mutual benefits and offer preferential prices. Most of these hotels are located near several medical centers that are frequently referred. The county government pointed out that the reference accommodations that provide preferential accommodation plans are: I. Taipei area 1. Jiantan Overseas Youth Activity Center of the China Youth Salvation Regiment: 600 ~ 2000 yuan per night. 2. Adjacent to the Third Military General Hospital of Taipei: (1) IKEA Business Travel: 2500 ~ 3900 yuan per night on weekdays. (2) Junyu Hotel: RMB 2600 ~ 8300 per night. 3. Adjacent to Taipei Rongmin General Hospital: (1) Tianmu Star Business Hotel: 600 ~ 1200 yuan per person on weekdays. (2) Dandi Hotel Tianmu Branch: 2300 ~ 3300 yuan per night on weekdays. (3) Taipei Beauty Hotel: 1800 ~ 2200 yuan per night. 4. Nearby National Taiwan University Hospital: (1) Taipei Leke Business Hotel-Yilin Business Fashion Hotel: 2000 ~ 3000 yuan on weekdays. (2) Qingyiju Caifeng Pavilion: 1600 ~ 2500 yuan per night on weekdays. Taichung Area- 1. Adjacent to Taichung Rongmin General Hospital: (1) Donghai Hourlight Homestay: 800 ~ 1300 yuan per night on weekdays. (2) Jinxi Homestay: 1400 ~ 1700 yuan per night on weekdays. 2. Adjacent to China Medical University Hospital: (1) Jinmanjia Hotel: 950 ~ 1900 yuan per night on weekdays. (2) Forbes Hotel: 900 ~ 1600 yuan per night on weekdays. 3. Kaohsiung area- Chinese Youth Save the Country Qinghu Shuiyang Club: 600 ~ 1600 yuan per night.


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