Swiss suspensions like vacation! Amazing Lake View Accommodation with Full Board

The outbreak of Italy has caused panic among international students across The international student Chen, who wants to return to Taiwan, has a twist and turn. There is no way to turn around in either way. In the end, he flew to London before going home. Love, living in a hotel-style campus is not only a hotel-style breakfast, but also beautiful lake views to watch, the room can also chase dramas and board and lodging are free. Photo / TVBS Enjoying the beautiful scenery of Switzerland, accompanied by delicious meals, was affected by the epidemic. The Montreux Hotel Management School in Switzerland was suspended. The Taiwanese student Zheng, who lives in a hotel-like campus, seemed to be on vacation. Swiss student Zheng Zheng: "Maybe watching Korean dramas or some movies, or, I borrowed three books from the library, otherwise I would look at the scenery outside the window." The specifications are like restaurants, with brunch and dinner available every day, about 600 yuan, but in order to help students who cannot return to China, accommodation is free from 3/20 to 4/5, and epidemic prevention is not sloppy, not only the restaurant plum blossom arrangements, There was no one in the saloon. The epidemic caused many people to be unable to return home, or even said that they had to go out to play, but all of them were cancelled. Therefore, the school will arrange accommodation soon. This time, there is no need to charge extra money. Swiss student Zheng Zheng: "Italy." Tu / TVBS However, it is also an exchange student in Taiwan, because of the outbreak of Italy, wanting to return to Taiwan, there are twists and turns. Italian students: "Yesterday, all of our planes were cancelled. Two ways to return to Taiwan were not possible. Then we originally said that we might have no hope, but now we can go to London to change planes." It is not possible to go straight from Italy. Fly back to Taiwan, there is no way to fly to Rome at Qatar, then transfer to Thailand back to Taiwan, another way is to go from Italy to Rome, and then to Qatar and then return to Hong Kong from Taiwan, and finally had to fly to London first To go home. Photo / TVBS Student Chen from Italy: "After I arrived in Italy, I also had to apply for a residence permit, and that residence permit also cost a lot of money. Now it means that I have lost it in vain. I hope Italy can end this difficulty as soon as possible. Fortunately, in the end, I returned to Taiwan smoothly. Compared with other international students, Chen's journey home was really difficult.


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