Gaoshi push friendly hotel quarantine relatives can enjoy 0 yuan accommodation

Wuhan pneumonia impacts the tourism and lodging industry. Kaohsiung ’s general hotel occupancy rate is about 10%. Hundred companies have launched a “friendly hotel” to allow returnees to be quarantined and isolated at home. Family members staying in hotels can enjoy 0 yuan if they have a certificate Accommodation. Zhou Wenbin, the director of the Kaohsiung Hotel Association, pointed out today that as long as the applicants show their household registration books and prove that they are the same family as the home quarantine, they can apply to stay and enjoy a minimum of 0 yuan. That is, if the home quarantine qualifications meet the "Severe Special Infectious Pneumonia Isolation and Quarantine Period Compensation Measures", they can apply for NT $ 1,000 per day for epidemic compensation, which is equivalent to family members enjoying one night free accommodation at the same level. The outbreak of Wuhan Pneumonia (2019 Coronavirus Disease, COVID-19) has spread, and hoteliers in Kaohsiung City have been operating miserably. Zhou Wenbin said that the general hotel industry's accommodation rate has fallen to about 10%, and many operators have difficulty in capital turnover. The "Friendly Hotel" launched by Heli is to encourage home quarantiners to live in a familiar home with peace of mind and allow relatives to stay at the hotel at a discounted price. A press conference on "Rejuvenating Kaohsiung Tourism, Friendly Travelers, and Visitors" was held today at the Love River Hotel in Xiziwan Hotel. Kaohsiung City Tourism Director Qiu Junlong said that in addition to matching "epidemic prevention hotels", he also assisted hoteliers in transforming "friendly hotels." In addition to 82 hoteliers, two other tourist hotels have joined the ranks of friendly hotels, with prices ranging from 1,000 yuan to House prices ranging from 1800 yuan. Qiu Junlong said that the Tourism Bureau will take over the acquisition of epidemic prevention hotels from April 8. At present, there are 9 quarantine hotels with about 700 beds in Kaohsiung City. The plan is to add another 3 and about 300 beds in the next stage. . In addition, there are also rescue plans and quarantine hotels to order meals from local restaurants, hoping to assist hotel and restaurant operators through the epidemic prevention period.


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