The epidemic prevention hotel could not find the special accommodation plan for family members of the quarantine

Those who entered Taiwan from the 19th will be quarantined at home regardless of their nationality for 14 days,,and a large number of overseas people have returned to Taiwan. However, no operator in Miaoli County has been willing to cooperate with the "epidemic hotel". The batch of immigrants returning to Miaoli decided to "reverse the operation" first, and cooperated with the industry to launch a special project for family members and hotels in the epidemic prevention area, which provided a discount of up to 20%. A number of elegant and high-end hotel and lodging companies have cooperated. The Culture and Tourism Bureau of the Miaoli County Government announced in the morning that in response to the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the number of overseas immigrants has increased sharply. Starting today, in coordination with the Miaoli County Hotel Business Association, the chairman Zhang Xiqing and the honorary chairman Zheng Shunfu called on hoteliers to launch a "Miaoli peace of mind epidemic prevention" "Family staying in a hotel" is up to 80% off, so that quarantine returnees can live in peace at home. The Wenguan Bureau pointed out that the family quarantine family preferential housing project, the county's supporting hotels include West Lake Resort Hotel, Miaoli Dongyi Golden Tulip Hotel, Yuanlin Hotel, Enjoy Time, Tenglong Villa, Tangyue Hot Springs Resort, Sunrise Hot Springs Resort hotels, Shangri-La Paradise-Tonghua Villa, family members of home quarantine can get a discount of up to 80% off the room rate. The Miaoli County Culture and Tourism Bureau hopes that the family members of the home quarantine will make more use of it. Staying at hotels that participate in the "Miao Li Anxin Epidemic Prevention Family Hotel" will increase the list of hoteliers. The Miaoli County Hotel Business Association Association FB fan page announcement will prevail : Https:// Currently participating in home quarantine family and hotel discount programs. The cooperation of various operators varies. Discounts start from 2%, and some discounts are 50%. The requirements for accommodation days are different. People in need can contact the operator first. ask. Due to the increase in overseas immigrants in Miaoli County, the county government ’s Civil Affairs Office and the Health Bureau could n’t answer the phone yesterday, but there was no “prevention hotel” in the county. Some quarantine families chose to leave the “home” to their returning families. Live at a relative or friend's house or hotel.


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