"Self-driving accommodation" Starting from 1,750 yuan per person for 2 persons! Available in North, South and East

The epidemic has spread, and many people are afraid to take public transportation and switch to "self-driving" to tour Taiwan. www.tailon.com.tw.The travel industry is aware of the trend and launched the "Self-driving accommodation" project. Renting a car will send you a hotel for one night. Starting from 1,750 yuan per person for two people, you can pick up the car from multiple points in Taiwan, and then you can expand the depth of Taiwan with your own hotel. Discovery trip. Due to the impact of the epidemic, no tour group was launched. Yifei.com turned to the domestic “Safe Driving Tour” program, renting a car and sending it to a hotel for one night. The two-person trip costs as little as 1,750 yuan per person, and less than 50% off is equivalent to renting a car to send accommodation. You can't travel abroad, and you can drive around the mountains, rivers, and seashores of Taiwan by car. Yifei.com said that people can flexibly pick up cars at multiple locations across Taiwan, including Taipei, Taoyuan, Hsinchu, Taichung, Chiayi, Tainan, Kaohsiung, Hualien, Taitung, etc., and then match with the hotels they want to stay in, with a Taiwan-wide chain. As an example, Forte Business Hotel, the average price for a night stay is 1,950 yuan. At this time, the cherry blossoms in Alishan are not inferior to Japan, and the vast scenery of Hualien Sixty Stone Mountain with the nickname "Little Switzerland", and the Miaoli Ugayan Bamboo Forest are very similar to the bamboo forests of Kyoto Arashiyama! However, the above locations are not easy to reach by public transportation. You can choose to travel by car to arrange your trip more freely. In addition, if you don't want to drive long distances, you can buy a high-speed rail holiday and purchase a rental car starting from 999 yuan, with a discount of less than 20%. Cola Travel also launched a "high-speed rail to send accommodation", from now until May 31 to order high-speed rail tickets and complete hotel stays to give away hotel accommodations, Cheng Yiwen Travel Freshwater Museum free on the 2nd as long as 920 yuan per person. Wallet may wish to grasp this wave. The Central Epidemic Epidemic Command Center reminds you to pay attention to social distance, meal etiquette, personal and environmental hygiene when traveling, and urges to avoid multi-person areas during epidemic prevention, and to do independent health management to protect yourself and others.


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