Even the false Kenting accommodation rate soared 90%, fearing a breach of epidemic prevention

The pneumonia epidemic in Wuhan continued to spread. www.tailon.com.tw.A total of 322 cases and 5 deaths were confirmed in Taiwan until the 31st. Seeing that Qingming was on leave, doctors recalled that the SARS and Heping Hospital were closed 17 years ago. After the holidays, I am worried that this wave of fake vacations will become a breach of epidemic prevention. Everyone wore a mask and dragged their luggage into the Little Ryukyu. The four-day Qingming holiday was coming. Kenting's landmark hotel occupancy rate was over 90%, almost full, and the industry hurriedly recalled the vacation staff. Visitor: "Fill in some information about Wuhan pneumonia, (so it's safer to live?) Yes." Guests come to take the amount of temperature, spray alcohol, and at mealtime, the restaurant should change to take-away or set breakfast. Hotel general manager Zhang Jiguang: "The table is 1 meter away, which is about 1.5 meters, and the outdoor feels open to guests." The International Travel Service returned to Wenting, not only Kenting, but the hotel accommodation rate in Yunlin Beigang has reached 50%. Nantou Cingjing Farm has mountain views and fresh air are also popular options, but some doctors are worried. Dr. Xie Zongxue recalled that the SARS epidemic collapse and Heping Hospital was closed 17 years ago. It happened after the Qingming holiday, which became his lingering nightmare, because there were not as many cases of 228 consecutive leave as overseas immigration. Emergency Room Physician Wei Zhiwei: "The Ching Ming Festival will cause another wave of grouping or contact between people, so this is a question that must be considered." In 2003, SARS invaded Taiwan. Data from that year also showed that the number increased after the Qingming holiday on April 4. By the middle of June, 346 people had been diagnosed and more than 70 died. Looking at the cherry blossom viewing season in Japan, the spring equinox holiday in March was still full. According to data from the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, the number of confirmed diagnoses has continued to rise significantly after the vernal equinox holiday. On the 26th, the number of confirmed diagnoses on a single day exceeded 100. Taiwanese experts only hope that all parties can do a good job of preventing epidemics and keeping the line of defense, so as not to cause breaches.


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