Epidemic reduces foreign accommodation tourists visiting Japan by 40% in February

The preliminary statistics released by the Japan Tourism Agency on the 31st showed that foreign tourists staying in hotels and hotels in Japan in February decreased by 40.4% compared with the same month of the previous year,www.tailon.com.tw. with a total of 4.92 million person-times. The expansion of the new coronavirus epidemic has led to a decline in the number of tourists visiting Japan, the largest drop since June 2011 (44.6%) affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake. Since March, countries have strengthened entry and exit restrictions, and the accommodation industry is facing greater difficulties. 统计 Accommodation and travel statistics of the Tourism Agency show that the declines in various countries and regions are 78.3% in South Korea, 72.1% in Mainland China, and 31.5% in Hong Kong. The decline in East Asia is very obvious. The Chinese government ’s measures, such as banning group outbound travel from January 27 during the Spring Festival holiday, appear to have had an impact. The Japanese government has strengthened restrictions on entry into Japan by various countries since March. International flights are also declining, and the number of foreign tourists is falling further. On the other hand, Japanese guests increased by 5.2% to 33.2 million. In addition, the overall number of foreign tourists decreased by 4.3%, which totaled 38.12 million. Tourism industry analysts pointed out that this year's "Emperor's Birthday" became a three-day break in February, bringing good passenger flow. The source said: "Before the Prime Minister requested a suspension on February 27, the domestic atmosphere seemed to think (the epidemic) was okay." The trend of voluntarily suspending events and going out in Japan is expanding. The person in charge of the Tourism Agency pointed out that "many Japanese guests have cancelled their reservations since March." The overall room occupancy rate dropped by 8 percentage points to 53.0%. City hotels with a large number of tourists staying in Japan dropped significantly, at 19.2%. This was followed by a drop of 9.5% for business hotels and 8.5% for resort hotels. 最大 The biggest year-on-year decline in foreign tourists was in April 2011, shortly after the earthquake, at 81.3%.


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