Accommodation rate is 10% left! Taipei's "San Want Hotel" can't survive ... 4/30 stop housing services

New crown pneumonia impacted the global travel and lodging industry, and many hotels across Taiwan were forced to suspend business or undergo renovations due to the decline in housing The San Want Hotel near Zhonghua Dunhua Station in Taipei is also unable to support it. Room service will be suspended after April 30. In addition, the buffet in the hall will also be canceled and changed to a personal light meal. San Want Hotel is part of the Want Want Group. The building is located in the essence of Zhonghua Dunhua Station. San Want Hotel PR said today (31st) that the original housing rate in the museum was about 70% to 80%. The epidemic situation has now fallen to 10% to 20%. Coupled with the renovation of the building for more than 40 years, the reception housing only ends on April 30, and housing reservations will no longer be accepted from May 1. ▲ San Want Hotel. (Photo: Courtesy of San Want Hotel) ▲ Sanwang Hotel has 268 European-style rooms. The 268 European-style designed rooms in the hall will be absolutely stunning, and there will be changes to the cancellation of the buffet, which will be changed to a personal style. In addition, Chaopin Centralized Restaurant, Bon Amis Steak House, Puno Bakery are all open for business, while the Sanwang Business Hotel on Nanjing East Road still maintains housing services. In response to media reports that a small number of employees have been laid off, the industry pointed out that the housing rate has dropped sharply, and there is no manpower naturally without operating conditions. Since February, it is expected to affect about 60 employees. Since the implementation of the operation adjustment plan, Employees are successively introduced to the relevant companies of the Group to continue their employment. A small number of them choose to leave due to personal career planning factors, and the industry will also report and counsel transfers according to law. In additi


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