Home quarantine increase, Zhongshi Hotel pushes family members to live with peace of mind

In Europe and the United States, the outbreak of pneumonia in Wuhan, https://www.tailon.com.tw,Chinese people have returned to Taiwan from overseas, and the number of quarantines at home has increased. In order to provide peace of mind for quarantine and their families, hoteliers in Taichung City have introduced preferential plans to encourage family members to stay in hotels for 14 consecutive days. The minimum is As low as 770 yuan per person per night, it is cheaper than the home quarantine alternative of the municipal government. At present, all inbound tourists must be quarantined at home for 14 days. In order to allow the people in need to pass the 14-day quarantine period, the Taichung City Government has launched a home quarantine replacement service, which costs 2,000 yuan per day, 1 per person, 3 meals and accommodation. Hoteliers have launched a series of preferential accommodations for families whose homes require quarantine at home, allowing home quarantineers to stay at home. Family members staying in hotels can reduce the risk of infection and reassure each other. Hermit Crab Travel offers a "Friends and Friends Safe Hotel" accommodation solution. The operator said that this program is a family exchange method that allows the quarantine to stay at home, and the family stays in the hotel with peace of mind to each other; as long as the public holds a home quarantine certificate, they can reach 3.5 For a single room, for a single room, the original price is 2200 yuan, and the discount is 990 yuan per night. For 7 consecutive days, the rate is 880 yuan per night. For 14 consecutive days, the rate is 770 yuan per night. . From now on to May 31st, the National Hotel will launch a special housing project entitled “Living in a family with a peace of mind for 14 days”, excluding breakfast and unlimited holidays, as long as staying for 14 days, a discount of 1600 yuan per room, per The room plus code will also be given a 200 yuan food and beverage voucher in the museum, with an average minimum of 800 yuan per person, and a direct discount of 2.1%. Dayi Master Travel also launched the “Safe and Comfortable Residence” housing project from now until May 31, with double occupants staying for more than 5 consecutive days, starting at only 2199 yuan per room per night, and staying for more than 14 days per room per night as long as 1999. Starting from RMB, you can enjoy breakfast for 2 guests and 10% discount on meals.


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