One-off discount for Qingming Holidays

The fourth day of the Qingming holiday is coming. Although it is not possible to go abroad,, the restaurant operators have recently lowered the price of the fracture. It can save a lot to stay in Taiwan. Aloft Taipei North Zhongshan has introduced a crazy "one-off" housing discount, which is limited to five nights for a stay of three days and two nights for only RMB 4,500, which translates into a single night of only RMB 1,125. Aloft Taipei Zhongshan has launched a pop-up offer "Stay one night and get two nights". The preferential check-in date is from April 1st to April 8th. When you book by phone, you can enjoy: pay one night room rate to stay For three nights, a total preferential price of NT $ 4,500 (plus service charge and taxes), enjoy a complete discount in Taipei for nearly 10% off (original price TWD15,015 per room per night per night / original price TWD45,045 for three nights). ▲ The hotel launched the Qingming holiday discount. However, please note that when booking, only telephone reservations, continuous stays are applicable and breakfast is not included, 5% tax and 10% service charge are applicable, only applicable to the Happy Lowell room type (large bed or two small beds. Room type is limited (According to the condition at the time of booking), the check-in date can be from April 1st to April 5th, which means that the latest check-in can be until April 8th. In response to the Ching Ming holiday with family and children, Yunlang Tourism Group gathered its Yunpin Hot Spring Hotel, Hanpin Hotel (Xinzhuang, Hualien, Kaohsiung) and Zhaopin Hotel Chiayi to jointly launch the Family Fun limited-time child music project, which is limited to each room. One child is admitted free of charge, with a daily limit of 5 rooms. Hanpin Hotel Hualien is even bigger and the children can get a discount of 450 yuan. Yunpin Hot Spring Hotel is equipped with a limited-time fun house project for children's day. Dinner is provided with an exclusive dining table for the children's month. Nine special children's meals are specially designed. You can also play "Clouds in the Forest" and enjoy facilities for 36 hours. Launched a series of parent-child activities, including rich activities such as succulent plant pottery DIY and parent-child environmental protection bag painting in cooperation with cement hand-made workshops; Zhaopin Hotel Taichung has limited parent-child themed rooms, where luxury family rooms are booked on the official website With a price increase of 500 yuan per room, you can upgrade to a limited parent-child theme room type, plus a Beni Bear bathing group for children and a cute doll. ▲ Yunpin Hot Spring Hotel. (Photo / provider) In addition, on the day of Children's Day on 4/4 (Saturday), Zhaopin Hotel Jiaoxi also has a "Bunk Fun" event. Everyone who brings a child to the hotel will receive a free brick ball, limited to 300 pieces, while supplies last. Pinwenlu Jiaoxi cooperated with the local Italian ice cream specialty store, combined with the soy milk ground in the museum, launched the "soy milk Italian ice cream" across the border. Every 4/4 (Sat) to sign up for the Pizza DIY event in the museum, Get one ball of ice cream, and buy one get one free. Hualien Ideal Land Resort is planning children's super-running activities, allowing children to experience being a little racer and enjoying the fun of driving a super sports car; enjoying the thrill of wind blowing on the grass in the grassland of Wanping Sevia; fun archery Experience, let children transform into professional athletes and enjoy the feeling of wearing a hundred steps. ▲ Hualien Ideal Land plans children's super running activities. (Photo / provider) The hotel said that the "Spring Tour Ideal" project can not only stay in a Spanish-themed room for one night, enjoy a sunny buffet breakfast, take a green boat to roam the park, enjoy dinner from now until 6/30, a roaming package theme tour, light and relaxing A selection of privileges from one of three choices such as treatments.


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