un Moon Lake Firefighting 5 Township Accommodation Exchange Tickets

Affected by the epidemic, the number of visitors to the Sun Moon Lake Scenic Area has recently declined, https://www.tailon.com.tw,and the number of people traveling by boat has also plummeted. The Sun Moon Lake Scenic Area Management Office has revitalized tourism. In conjunction with the firefly season in April and May, it has launched a firefly-rewarding accommodation delivery ticket event. If you stay in five villages and towns in the scenic area, you can redeem a 300-yuan boat ticket with your invoice. When the epidemic hits the sightseeing, the Japanese Management Office hopes to use the outdoor fire-fighting activities and match the lake experience to attract tourists to return. To slow down the impact of the tourism industry. According to the Japan Management Office, the five townships include Yuchi, Puli, Shuili, Jiji, Xinyi. When you stay in these five township hotels and homestays in April and May and take photos, you can use your invoices or receipts to get to Xiangshan and Yidashao. The Puli Visitor Center can redeem the ferry ticket. If the whole family travels in the same room, family members can also use Facebook or IG card at the attractions in Tan District. They can also redeem the ferry ticket, hoping to use this to promote accommodation and encourage travel. Lake, Jiahui surrounding tourism industry. This year's Sun-Dry Moon Lake area includes Taomi, Lianhua Lake, Dalin, Shuishe, Toushe, Tanan, Ssangyong, etc. This time, only the Lianhua Lake has not held experience activities, and other communities have cooperated with it. The Japan Management Office also said that in response to the epidemic, the firefighting seasons also required various firefighting communities or associations to strengthen various epidemic prevention work, such as cleaning and disinfection of venues, and pre-departure education for some activities. Wear a mask, or choose to walk instead of the shuttle, and recommend that people evaluate their health and participate in firefighting. According to the research of Chiayi Chang Gung Hospital, Taiwanese tea leaves extracted from the polyphenol hydroxy theophylphenone structure (Theaflavin) may inhibit the proliferation of pneumonia virus in Wuhan, China, and fermented tea is more effective. Nantou Yuchi Township Farmers Association This indicates that the Sun Moon Lake black tea is a fully fermented tea in the place. Due to the epidemic impact on the sightseeing of Sun Moon Lake, it has also dragged down the handicraft industry such as black tea. It is hoped that this study can "change the crisis" and encourage outdoor tourism. Threat of disease.


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