Preventing New Crown Epidemics Nantou Accommodation Institutions Strengthen Epidemic Prevention Training

The number of newly diagnosed cases of new pneumonia in China has increased rapidly,,and the risk of infection in Changzhao institutions is high. Nantou County Health Bureau organized a rehearsal exercise for 24-hour residential institutions to reduce the risk of infectious pneumonia transmission and protect the health of service recipients and staff. The Nantou County Health Bureau said that there have been deaths from long-term photo centers in foreign countries. Once confirmed cases occur in the 24-hour care service accommodation type institutions, the impact and impact will be much higher than other types of institutions. There are 58 residential institutions in Nantou County, including nursing homes, mental rehabilitation institutions, welfare institutions for the elderly, and welfare institutions for the physically and mentally handicapped. Residents are the elderly, physically and mentally disabled, and others with weak resistance to the disease. The Health Bureau invited Huang Yiwen, deputy commander of the Central Medical Network for Infectious Disease Prevention and Control of the Ministry of Health and Welfare, and Lin Minxuan, deputy researcher of the Disease Control Agency, to guide the elders, caregivers and staff of the Puji Medical Consortium to set up an emergency prevention mechanism for the Elan nursing home. The content includes staff management and manpower scheduling, resident resettlement and health management, service adjustment and activity management, visitor management, environmental clearance and epidemic prevention-related materials management. Through contingency preparation exercises, field exercises simulate the contingency process of emergent cases. The health bureau said that the most important work of the residential long-term photo agency is to implement the sub-cabin and triage training, including employee, resident, and client education and training, health education, staff health management, client health management, visitor management, and case notification. According to the characteristics and practical status of the organization, each agency can internalize the infection control measures, protect staff and service targets, and survive this wave of epidemics.


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