Hualien Accommodation-based Institutions Switch to Video Visits

The Hualien County Government has advanced the prevention of epidemic diseases. county government announced that starting from the 27th, yesterday, there were a total of seven public and private accommodation agencies in the county, including long-term photos, maintenance, and disabled institutions. With video visits, the first day of yesterday ’s visit to the road by family members was quite certain. The Health Bureau also said that visits were suspended during the epidemic, and family members are asked to forgive me. If they violate the rules, they can be punished by more than 3,000 yuan and less than 15,000 yuan. A total of 37 public and private institutions Hualien County completely banned visitors from visiting the Hualien County's residential institutions. The policy came into effect yesterday, and a total of 27 were included in the control. Of these, 13 are nursing homes in charge of the Health Bureau, including five general nursing homes and mental nursing homes. Five homes, two postpartum care homes (confinement centers), one mental rehabilitation institution; eighteen welfare institutions for the elderly under the supervision of the Social Division, five institutions for the physically and mentally handicapped and children, and Hualien Rongjia Wait, since yesterday, posted documents prohibiting visits at the door. The Health Bureau stated that all agencies should cooperate with the epidemic prevention control and prohibit all relatives and friends from visiting. Ask relatives and friends to use video visits or communication links. If you violate the rules, you can be fined more than 3,000 yuan and less than 15,000 yuan. Violation of fines can range from 3,000 to 15,000 yuan On the first day of implementation yesterday, Mr. Zeng, who lived in the north, said that his mother had been living in the nursing home of the Hualien Hospital of the Ministry of Health and Welfare for six years. The personnel operated the video and finally saw the mother before letting go of the big rock in their hearts. Although the mother could not be seen, the epidemic prevention was the most important thing. Xu Zhenwei, the head of Hualien County, also went to the Nursing Home of Shoufeng Branch of Mennuo Hospital in the afternoon. In addition to understanding the current status of the various institutions, she also accompanied the old grandma who lived in the nursing home and had a video with her family at a hospital in a non-quarantine area. hall. Grandma looked at the children and grandchildren in the computer screen, and also named them one by one. The family members said that the agency took the initiative to video-conduct for Grandma and let her family see it. Xu Zhenwei said that there are nine people in the home isolation of Hualien and 325 people in the home quarantine (including six foreigners). Although Huadong has been diagnosed at present, the epidemic prevention cannot be ignored. All agencies prohibit relatives from visiting. Please also Relatives forgive me, this is to protect the weaker elders.


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