Penghu accommodations suspended visits to prevent cluster infection

Penghu County Mayor Lai Fengwei presided over the epidemic prevention conference on the 27th,,saying that Changzhao Anyang and elderly institutions are the gathering place for elders. In order to prevent cluster infections, strict controls have been implemented, and all residential institutions within the jurisdiction will prohibit visitors from visiting. Require the Health Bureau and the Social Affairs Department to strengthen the inspection of the epidemic prevention of eight institutions to protect the elders from the risk of infection. Lai Fengwei said that most of the residents in accommodation and security institutions are elderly, disabled and suffering from chronic diseases. In case of infection with the virus, they are prone to severe illness and have a high mortality rate. In order to prevent the occurrence of cluster infection, the residential type in the county is required from now on. The long-term photo agency suspends visits by visitors and residents ’outings and outings. During the epidemic prevention period, family members can use telephone or video to visit relatives to understand the current status of residents. The Director of Social Affairs Chen Cifeng said that during the very period of epidemic prevention, it is necessary to strictly prevent cluster infections. All social welfare agencies are requested to cooperate with the policy and initiate adjustment of epidemic prevention actions at the appropriate time. Internal and internal activities are currently suspended. Organizers must create a book, and strictly implement measures such as wearing a mask, taking body temperature, washing hands, and patrolling TOCC (travel history, occupation, contact history, group history) and make records to facilitate tracking. Lai Fengwei said that in order to strengthen the control of epidemic prevention and infection, daily temperature measurement and health monitoring of staff and residents should be implemented during epidemic prevention, and records should be noted. If staff have fever or respiratory symptoms, they must activate the manpower transfer mechanism. In addition, if there is any risk of infection, the residents should report to the doctor immediately. The Penghu County government stated that there are a total of Penghu Nursing Homes, Huimin Hospital, Four Seasons Photo Conservation Center, Thanksgiving Conservation Center, Ci'an Conservation Center, Lepeng Home, Home Support Center, Home for the Elderly, etc. 8 rooms.


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