Worried about the epidemic and want to retreat to Yushan? Paiyun Villas Refund

Affected by the epidemic, Paiyun Villa, which provides accommodation services to climb Yushan, has recently reduced the number of guests from 116 to 100. However, the bed of Paiyun is Tongpu. When mountain friends stay, they may not be too far away from each other. Yushan National Park Management Office In consideration of epidemic prevention, if a successful mountain enthusiast wants to stay in the cloud, he will open a refund, hoping to reduce the number of people gathered and reduce the spread of the disease. https://www.tailon.com.tw, The Yuguan Office stated that Yushan is a popular climbing route, https://www.tailon.com.tw,and Paiyun Villa has always been decided by lot. In the past, refunds were only accepted if force majeure factors such as the release of typhoon alerts could not be entered. Affected by the epidemic this time, the Central Epidemic Situation Command Center also issued "Recommendation of Suspension of 100-person Indoor Rally Activity", and Paiyun Village also reduced the number of occupants to 100 people. However, because the Paiyun accommodation is in the form of a pass shop, mountain friends may not be too far away from each other when they sleep. If a mountain friend considers epidemic prevention and is too close to other people, he wants to give up the Paiyun accommodation, and now the refund is open. Applicants will be eligible for the accommodation of mountain acquaintances before the end of April. Depending on the development of the epidemic, it will be discussed whether the refund will be extended.


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