Airbnb is a frontline health care worker! Free accommodation for 100,000 accommodations worldwide: "Provide a comfortable home for heroic epidemic prevention personnel."

The new crown pneumonia (Wuhan pneumonia, COVID-19) epidemic is raging and has hit the global tourism industry. Airbnb, the travel and lodging platform, is the first front-line medical staff to provide 100,000 accommodations worldwide for medical, ambulance and first-aid The staff can take a rest after working hard to the nearest accommodation, and also introduce a donation function. All proceeds will be donated to non-profit organizations to work together for epidemic prevention. This latest global plan is based on Italy and France. Physicians, nurses and other medical staff in both countries can get free accommodation through Airbnb, and 6,000 hosts have responded. Residences will comply with safety requirements, such as adopting medical experts' recommendations to improve cleanliness, maintain social distance with tenants, and each rental must be separated by 72 hours, etc., in line with the latest requirements of the local and US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Airbnb co-founder Joe Gebbia said, "We want to assist medical and emergency personnel who assisted in the fight against the epidemic, heard the voices of countless landlords from all over the world, and hoped to provide a comfortable home for the heroic frontline anti-epidemic workers. We are actively connecting nonprofit partners, governments and other institutions with our community and working together during this extraordinary period. "With the Open Homes program, which began in 2012, it can provide emergency and free assistance to those in need. Accommodation. Airbnb actively cooperates with the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, the International Rescue Committee, the International Medical Regiment and other non-profit organizations. Nancy Aossey, Chairman and President of the International Medical Regiment, feels very grateful: "We are very grateful for Airbnb Support, we can allocate more funds to provide treatment, medical supplies, mental health services, training and education to control and prevent infection, etc., while ensuring that our members can return to their homes after work. "


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