So sweet! Islands residents stay in Taitung home for quarantine 14 days accommodation fee

In response to the travel and study abroad of residents of Green Island and Lanyu Townships in Taitung County,, they must return to Taiwan for home isolation or quarantine after returning to Taiwan, but take passenger ships or outlying island flights to add epidemic prevention variables. The Taitung County Government stated that relevant cases must be homed in Taitung first. For quarantine and quarantine, the county government will provide peace of mind accommodation. The 14-day accommodation fee will be paid by the county government. The Taitung County Health Bureau said today that the county government held an epidemic prevention meeting yesterday. In addition to the instructions from the county chief Rao Qingling, the county should prepare five special epidemic prevention vehicles for the transportation of patients. Existing vehicles can be used to install protective facilities. Vehicles must be accessible to provide mobility services for people with reduced mobility. The County Health Bureau also pointed out that residents of Green Island and Lanyu who have recently traveled abroad or returned to China must return home to the island by quarantine or quarantine. In order to reduce the risk of infection on board and passenger ships, Consider that if the parties have a medical need afterwards, the transportation evacuation time and cost are too high. During the meeting, Rao Qingling instructed that if people in the outlying islands have home quarantine and home isolation cases, they must stay in Taitung for 14 days home quarantine or quarantine. The county government will provide peace of mind accommodation, and the 14-day accommodation fee will be fully covered by the county government. Pay. The County Health Bureau said that in order to encourage home quarantine residents to stay at home and allow family members to stay in hotels or homestays to reduce cross-infection, the county government plans Taitung County Public Church House to provide family members with peace of mind, with a one-night discount of 800 yuan for two-person rooms and three-person rooms. 1,000 yuan and 1,200 yuan for a 4-person room. At present, epidemic prevention hotels are difficult to find. If there is a case, you must stay in an epidemic prevention hotel.


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