Accommodation deductions left 100 people

The main peak of Yushan National Park has always been a popular mountaineering route, as the epidemic heats up, the Central Epidemic Situation Command Center issued a "recommendation of suspension of indoor rally activities of more than 100 people." For this reason, the Yushan National Park Management Office has also upgraded its epidemic prevention and stayed at the service summit Paiyun Villa, originally for one-sixteen people, was downgraded to one hundred people yesterday. According to the Yuguan Office, Paiyun accommodation is drawn one month in advance. From yesterday (March 28th), the next month (April 28th), Paiyun accommodation will become only one hundred places. Although the previous lottery still maintained accommodation for 116 people, according to experience, there are still waiting opportunities after the lottery is drawn, but due to the epidemic situation, approved accommodation will be based on the principle of 100 people. If it has exceeded 100 people, it will not be carried out Make up. In addition, Paiyun Villa will also serve meals in different time periods and streams. For example, if there are 100 people for a meal each day, they will be divided into three batches. Each batch will have more than one person dining. I hope to reduce the number of people gathered in the same space and reduce the risk of disease transmission. .


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