10% of accommodation rate left, Hong Kong lifts hotel closures, estimates that more than 300 will be closed

Wuhan pneumonia (new type of coronavirus, new coronary pneumonia) is raging,https://www.tailon.com.tw, which has knocked down the number of tourists in Hong Kong and severely disrupted hotel operations. According to industry practitioners, the current occupancy rate is about 10%. Out of business, at least 300 of the 1800 hotels with licences in Hong Kong have closed down. Hong Kong's "Sing Tao Daily" reported that Liu Gong, chairman of the Hong Kong Tourist Hotel Association, took shape. Now Hong Kong's tourism market is almost "dead." It can survive. However, the blow of the epidemic has completely eliminated business travelers and short-term tenants, leaving only long-term tenants or regular customers in Hong Kong. Its operating power is no match for the hotel and restaurant industry, making the market more difficult. The report pointed out that even if the Hong Kong government has funding from the Epidemic Prevention and Epidemic Prevention Fund, the funding that can be obtained at one time is HK $ 50,000 to 80,000 (about 194,000 to 312,000 Taiwan dollars). Customers, just passing through water, have limited help to the industry.


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