Chen Yuzhen urges the central government to improve the quality of medical care in Kinmen

The new crown pneumonia epidemic is a global fever. Not only do medical staff everywhere work longer hours,, the associated risks are also relatively high. Legislator Chen Yuzhen urged the National Development Council to face up to the quality of accommodation for medical staff at Golden Gate Hospital. He also hoped that the central government would help improve the quality of medical care in the outlying islands, instead of letting the local government find its own budget to improve it. Chen Yuzhen said that as for the accommodation of medical staff at Golden Gate Hospital, as early as October last year, she had already asked Su Zhenchang, the president of the Executive Yuan, to let four nursing staff or medical staff squeeze a room. Even basic equipment such as water heaters were often broken. This will not only reduce the morale of medical staff, but also not enough incentives to attract more high-quality medical staff to serve in Kinmen. Chen Yuzhen said that under her continuous attention and follow-up, the Ministry of Health and Welfare actually wrote back and stated that because the improvement of the medical staff's accommodation plan was to apply for a budget from the Golden Gate Medical Care Development Fund this year, but this part of the budget was frozen by the Golden Gate County Council this year. The plan reorganized the 110-year-old Ministry of Health and Welfare Medical Drug Operation Fund to make provision for this. In this regard, Chen Yuzhen specifically asked Chen Meiling, chairman of the National Development Council. Chen Yuzhen mentioned that the regulations on the construction of outlying islands expressly stipulate that work on improving the medical quality of outlying islands is the central task of the central government to take care of outlying islanders. As a result, when it is necessary to improve the quality of medical services in outlying islands and repair the dormitories supporting medical staff, the first one to find is the "Medical Care Development Fund" of the local government. Even if the Ministry of Health and Welfare promised to be included in the 110-year Ministry of Health and Welfare Medical Fund's plan, it would delay more than two years. If there are many planned budgets for the Islands Construction Fund that have not been implemented at all, why can't the relief be used to strengthen the medical quality of the Islands? Chen Meiling also promised in the answer that she would take the case back to study and discuss and give the committee members a reply as soon as possible. Chen Yuzhen emphasized that the severe epidemic situation of the new crown pneumonia is a great challenge for medical personnel regardless of the work pressure or the risks they face. If the government fails to give full support to medical staff and provide a strong backing for front-line medical staff, the problems arising from it will be even more serious. The Golden Gate Hospital is an important medical care unit for the protection of Kinmen folks. It is hoped that the Central Government will pay more attention to the problem and related issues will be improved as soon as possible


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