Accommodation-type social welfare agency fears breach of epidemic prevention Huang Weizhe's inspection exercise

The first confirmed diagnosis by the staff of the maintenance organization in North Taiwan caused a large number of residents in the hospital to be quarantined. to the limited quarantine places, the Central Epidemic Epidemic Command Center ordered the residents to be segregated in the event of a case. At the accommodation-type Changzhao Center, watch the training for the operators. Tainan City recently required all accommodation-type long-term photo agencies to suspend visits to relatives and friends, and replaced them with telephones and videoconferencing. It also required staff grouping, service layering, and district management scheduling. Tainan Social Bureau cooperated with the Lude Elderly Photo Center to organize a rehearsal exercise on the 26th to demonstrate the standard process of escorting suspected cases to the hospital in accordance with regulations. Once the suspected cases were found, other Changzhao institutions were invited to observe the scene. Huang Weizhe participated in the whole process. Attach importance to it and expect that all accommodation-based social welfare agencies can be prepared. There are many accommodation-type social welfare institutions in Tainan City, with a total of 138 in the city and 6,148 residents. These residents belong to high-risk groups. Huang Weizhe said that accommodation-type social welfare institutions are clustered living places. Once confirmed diagnosis occurs, the number of people who need to be quarantined is considerable. The space of the government ’s spare quarantine may be inadequate. According to the instructions of the Central Epidemic Situation Command Center, the place of quarantine will be isolated. The preparation for the quarantine agency's quarantine is very important and cannot be turned into an outbreak.


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