Lack of cash! Travel agency sells "joint accommodation vouchers" for Meilun and Lukfook

The epidemic situation abroad is severe. All tour groups are suspended for the prevention of epidemics. Many travel agencies are facing a slump in performance. Now everyone supports and cooperates with each other. In April, we launched the "Joint Accommodation Voucher." I am eager to use it recently. At least, after the sale, there is a gold stream to support the travel industry to survive the epidemic. There are also guides who have changed the national tour because they have no tour groups. The train drove into the mist in Hakone, Japan, do you miss the beauty of foreign countries, do not go abroad to fight the epidemic, and switch to Taitung for bathing. It is also very healing. Take the train through the charming Tara Station. You can enjoy the high-level enjoyment in a 5-star hotel. There are hundreds of travel agencies, and now there is no business change to join the China Travel Service. Everyone also cooperates to promote the "Joint Accommodation Voucher" to encourage enterprises to buy the budget of the welfare committee for employees. This is the future. It can be used in Lukfook, Xiangcheng and other groups or more than 100 restaurants in Taiwan. Many well-known companies have participated in it and changed employee travel to joint accommodation vouchers. Yulong, Uniqlo, Evergreen, Yongfeng are all cooperating. On the list. Huang Xinrou, chairman of the travel agency: "Liufu Group currently has 4 hotels and 4 hotels in the province. They can also cooperate with the Meilun series and are now joining in." The company ’s welfare committee spent a budget to save taxes, and also helped travel agencies have a cash flow during the epidemic. The voucher industry said that in order to avoid the failure of hundreds of partners during the epidemic, the gift certificates are guaranteed by bank trusts. The company will issue denominations of at least $ 2500-3000 to employees. By then, Taiwan and Taiwan can cooperate with the travellers. According to the price of the broken accommodation in each hotel during the epidemic period, in addition to the guide company's surprise rescue. Tour guide: "Our destination today is the Matcha Mountain in Yilan." Everyone on the bus is going to set off for a day trip. This myproGuide will pull all the guides back to China. The cooperative joint accommodation voucher will be pushed to 4880 a month. If you participate in the daily North-South tour, you can follow it. Attractions, let everyone get off the car breathable. Correspondent Lin Yurui: "Even domestic travellers are not sloppy. Passengers must wear masks during the whole journey. Every scenic spot must get off the bus every hour and the car should be disinfected at the same time." When you get on the bus, you need to take your body temperature and disinfect your hands. From accommodation to travel agencies, food coupon companies, and even tour guide companies, it is all this bleak tourism industry. Now they have helped each other to survive the new crown pneumonia.


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