Pilgrim's Building does not accept accommodation

It is the peak season of incense, but because of the pneumonia epidemic in Wuhan,https://www.tailon.com.tw, the gods do not go out as much as possible, and the number of pilgrims staying in the house is greatly reduced. The two major Mazu temples in Annan District are also affected. Epidemic prevention, accommodation will be suspended at the Pilgrim's Building. The Temple of Our Lady of Lu'ermen said that the temple can accommodate seven or eight hundred people in two east and west pilgrim buildings. Due to the impact of this epidemic, only one to twenty percent of the pilgrim's accommodation is left. Accommodation will be suspended, and those who have already booked will continue to stay or cancel the booking. The rights and interests will not be lost, but the occupants must take their temperature to exceed 27 ° C. Accommodations will not be accepted for those who have five degrees. Luermen Tianhou Temple said that the temple's Luermen Mansion Pilgrim Building can provide accommodation for more than 300 pilgrims. Since it is Mazu Christmas next month, it should be the peak season for incense, but it is affected by the pneumonia epidemic in Wuhan. The gods do not go out as much as possible, so the number of pilgrims staying is greatly reduced. There are usually few pilgrims staying on Fridays and Saturdays, but only about 10% are left. Renovation of the Pilgrim's Building at Tin Hau Temple According to the Tianhou Temple, the temple side took advantage of this epidemic, and during the off-season, the pilgrim accommodation was renovated at the Luermen Mansion pilgrim building. The traditional Taiwan tiles were replaced with glazed tiles. Hurry up and let life return to normal. Southern prison temporarily cancels special interview In addition, the Tainan Prison of the Correctional Services Department Tainan Prison, which houses nearly 1,300 inmates, has temporarily suspended “special interviews” in order to prevent epidemic breaches, and for the first time suspended this year ’s Mother ’s Day meeting to prevent possible outside parties. contact. For the newly-accepted prisoners, the prisoners also arranged for solitary living, investigated their travel history, segregated and observed for 14 days, and confirmed the health status, and then allocated the houses to ensure safety. Nanhua firefly viewing season closed this year Nanhua Guanshanli holds a firefighting season until the end of March. This year, due to the pneumonia epidemic in Wuhan, it was suspended for the first time in eighteen years. Zhang Xingfa, the director of the former Guanshan Community Development Association who is responsible for assisting the connection, pointed out that only people who make an appointment must attend Registering names and phone numbers makes it difficult to track down their travel and contact history. The risk of epidemic invasion is high. After discussions with local volunteers, it was decided to cancel the self-hosted fire-fighting event this year.


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