Anti-epidemic market price! Sun Moon Lake monthly accommodation project, the original price of the cabin is 300,000 to 60,000

With the advent of the firefighting season, the Sun Moon Lake Youth Activity Center,, with its unparalleled beauty, has also launched an unprecedented "price monthly" accommodation project to break the price of the China Travel Market, which is comparable to a small wooden house in Gassho Village, Japan. The deadline for applications is June 30. While satisfying people's needs for tourism viewing, it can also open a way for tourism during the epidemic prevention period. Ke Jingyi, director general of the Sun Moon Lake Youth Activity Center, said that the chalets around the center are rich in forest resources and diverse ecology. In particular, the butterfly park is widely planted with nectar plants. During the day, you can watch butterflies flying and foraging, including the butterfly hall and aquatic plants. The ecological pond covers an area of ​​0.8 hectares. At night, the Butterfly Garden area turned into a place for viewing the fireflies, and there was a special guide to explain it, allowing visitors to visit while watching the glittering beautiful scenery commonly known as "Huo Jin Gu", while at the same time achieving the purpose of enhancing ecological conservation knowledge and concepts. Ke Jingyi said that the one-bedroom and one-bedroom chalet room type in the "Monthly Package" accommodation project has a monthly original price of 101,000 yuan, and currently only requires about 70% off, and 36,000 yuan. At present, it only costs 66,000 yuan, which is about two times off the original price, and also comes with breakfast. It can be said that it is a good place for the public to go out and play on holidays.


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